Peer-to-Peer Campaign
Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Bakers Island Light Station Upgrades

Money Raised: $5,065.00  Campaign Goal: $20,000.00


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  3. Once logged in, follow the Page Content Questions to fill out your fundraiser page. 
    1. You can give your fundraiser a name or keep the auto-generated name
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    3. Set your fundraising goal (refer back to the donation levels by clicking here) **If you are setting the goal of $7,419 please call us first at 978-740-0444**
    4. Optional to upload a photo. It can be a picture of you or maybe your favorite picture of the Light Station!
    5. Write up a little blurb on why you are raising this money. This is what your friends and donors will see. You can share how special you think this place is or your favorite memory out there. Anything that inspires people to support your cause!
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Questions? Contact Anya or Ryan at Essex Heritage by calling 978-740-0444


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Ryan Conary

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